Started playing very early accoustic guitar, he soonly discovered Jimi Hendrix and began to play electric guitar. At 14 he recorded a whole album in his homestudio and started a band called 'Voodoo Crossing' with 16. He gained more live experience with 'Dinner Time' in the clubs in Lucerne until he created with Dave Arnet 'Hendrix and More', later 'The Voodoo Brothers'. Besides he plays in several other projects of different kind and styles.

Name: Manu Bissig

Instrument: Guitar/Vocal

Location: Lucerne, CH

Name: Dave Arnet

Instrument: Drums

Location: Lucerne, CH

Dave plays Drum since 20 years, started at 7 and played as Kid several concerts with his father (guitar). From Pop and Rock he focused later on Jazz, Funk, Blues, while seriously deepening his knowledge and technique. He played in a lot of bands and projects. Meeting Guitarist Manu Bissig at the crossover Band 'Dinner Time' his musical odyssey lead him to 'Hendrix and More' and 'The Voodoo Brothers'.

Name: Oli Brugnard

Instrument: Vocals

Location: Lucerne, CH

Oli started out with a hard 'n' heavy crew and searched for the ultimative deep shouting voice. Instead he founds the Blues and his accoustic guitar. Able to entertain alone, he still sung and composed in bands, passing through the new wave of the late 80ties to modern Rock of this century, he always kept a foot in classic Rock like The Doors, Chuck Berry or even Elvis Presley. He played with Dave Arnet in earlier projects.

Name: Anthony Jaun

Instrument: Bass

Location: Berne, CH

Ironically Anthony's first Band was psychodelic Rock Band in 1986 playing Hendrix and Doors cover. Over the years he played with a lot of Bands and gained experience in various styles, from rock, blues, funk, reggea to jazz and hiphop. He played with different african musicians such as Isaac Biaas or Nomsa Gumede and produces electronical music with 'Cynical Electrics'. He teaches E-Bass and Upright in Berne. All in all he's an real funkateer in heart and blood. More at .